4 Great Keto Diet Breakfast Recipes

Here are 4 Great Keto Diet Breakfast Recipes

The Keto Diet That Everyone's Talking About

In case you haven’t heard, The newest Keto Diet of 2016 is making GROUNDBREAKING LEAPS in weight loss! New to the Ketogenic Plan? A Keto Diet is basically a diet that is low carb, high fat and moderate protein. Learn how Eating Fat can help YOU Lose Fat! Countless people have CURED their diabetes, as well as halted secondary illnesses in their tracks! Illnesses like Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia.

The ketogenic Diet is a natural, healthy alternative to insulin and medication.
It’s an option that works.

You have to realize that the medical industry wouldn’t be a very good business if everybody all of the sudden got better, the doctors would be out of work! So think of that the next time they prescribe you something, and remember that nature was DESIGNED for you to succeed, so take advantage!

If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, Start Here.

Recipe 1: Start Your Day Right

When you hear Ketogenic Diet, think Ketogenesis


Ketogenesis is what happens when FAT is broken down and turned in Ketones, the brain’s ideal food source. “Ketone Bodies” are special little units of energy that the brain and body can use as fuel for energy INSTEAD of glucose. Glucose is known to just be sugar, in so many disguises, like bread, pasta, grains, sauces, drinks, and the list goes on. It was once thought that fat made you fat (who would have thought!) and sugar gave you energy, but NOW we know that fat gives you energy and sugar makes you fat! Check out the research here, here and here.

Recipe 2: Quickly Get Yourself Moving
Recipe 3: Reach for the To-Go Option
Recipe 4: Or Breakfast in For The Weekend