3 Easy Steps to Following a Keto Plan

3 Easy Steps to Help Follow A Keto Plan

A Keto Plan To Save a Life

Keto isn’t just a diet, it’s a liferaft in a sea full of doughnuts (get it?!) I know it can be hard when you’re surrounded by temptation all the time, but it gets easier, that’s the truth. It start with little steps, and if you don’t know where to start, start here.

Start your day off bright and early, tasty and greasy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Keto Plan followers know that best, just check out these Keto Diet Breakfast Recipes that you can probably make today.

4 Key Carbs to Avoid

  1. Breads Whole Wheat too
  2. Pastas No More Italian
  3. Juices Orange is worst
  4. Grains Rices raise blood sugar

Step 1

Step 1 to sticking to a Keto Plan may sound drastic, but so does cancer, along with the slew of other diseases that sugar causes, so it’s more about opportunity cost on this one. A Keto Plan really uses no carbs, so it really helps to get rid of most of the carbs in the house. If you want more direction, check out the link below.

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Step 2

Step 2 is about creating a Keto Plan that you can follow. It starts with a schedule that you can follow by cooking all your food on specific days. It actually is a technique bodybuilders use called meal prep, it saves a lot of time cooking, so it’s great! To learn more about a great 21 day meal prep Keto Plan, click below.

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Step 3

Step 3 to following a Keto Plan is going to be finding as many substitute recipes for all the things you used to enjoy, like bread, pizza and pancakes. There are many different options, like cream cheese pancakes, or cauliflower tortilla, and to learn more about all of the great Keto Plan options to help you stick to your Keto Diet, check out the plan below.

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